2 Easy Stretching Exercises for Piriformis Syndrome

exercises for piriformisDo you have Piriformis Syndrome?  I did at one point several years ago.  It was a slow and gradually increasing pain in my hip that escalated up to nearly intolerable stabbing pain.  I finally broke down and saw my doctor.  He gave me a few simple stretching exercises for Piriformis Syndrome and helped explain exactly what is happening in your body.

Piriformis Syndrome is a form of Sciatica (pain in your Sciatic nerve).  Your Sciatic nerve is a large nerve that branches out from your spine and runs down your legs.  Your Piriformis muscle is a small muscle in your hips that controls the rotation of your legs.  It is also located next to your Sciatic nerve.  When the Piriformis is overused or tense it can irritate the Sciatic nerve and cause you to experience rather severe pain in some cases.

Put and End to Piriformis Syndrome

Okay, so you’ve got Piriformis Syndrome.  What can you do about it?  Here are a few simple stretching exercises for Piriformis Syndrome that my doctor taught me when I went to see him.

This first stretch is a simple stretching exercise for Piriformis muscles.  In this example, I’ll assume that you’re having pain on your right side.

Start seated on the floor with both of your feet resting flat on on the floor in front of you with your knees bent.  Then take your left foot and draw it toward the buttocks and place your right foot over your left leg.

Now grab your right leg with your arms and hug it toward your chest.  Keep your spine straight for the best results.  You should feel a stretch deep inside your right buttocks.  This is your Piriformis muscle.

Hold this stretch as long as feels comfortable to allow the Piriformis to stretch and lengthen.  Continue doing this every day for a few weeks and you will notice your Sciatic Pain diminishing.

This second stretch I recently learned while taking a yoga class and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite exercises for Piriformis Syndrome.  This is a great way to open up your hips and release any stored tension you might be holding.  Plus it’s a pretty simple yoga posture too, so you can probably do it without studying yoga in a cave for ten years.

Start seated on the floor with your legs crossed.  Again, I will be assuming that your Sciatic pain is on the right side.  Reverse this if you have your pain on the left.  Place your right ankle on top of your left knee so that your right knee also rests on top of your left ankle.  This is a simple knee-to-ankle pose.

Now, slowly reach your arms forward along the floor and allow your upper body to bend forward.  You should feel a deep stretch in your buttocks area.  Hold this as long as feels comfortable and then release it.

If you’re feeling Sciatica from Piriformis Syndrome start to flare up, do these two stretching exercises for Piriformis Syndrome twice a day for a few weeks (depending on how severe your condition is) and you will start to not only feel less pain, but you’ll notice that your hips just feel more comfortable and more open.

Discover How to Heal Your Piriformis Syndrome Quickly and Easily