5 Weird Sciatica Home Remedies

sciatica home remediesLet’s cut to the chase.  Sciatica hurts.  Doctors are expensive and all they do is give you pain killers and tell you to sit on your butt and rest.  Sometimes looking for some little-known sciatica home remedies can give you an alternate thing to try instead of the take-these-pills-and-hope-for-the-best advice.

First of all, one of the best sciatica home remedies is drinking simple water. If you’re not properly hydrated, that means that your blood circulation isn’t running at full speed.  And that means that your muscles and nerves aren’t getting the blood supply they need, which can cause painful problems like Piriformis syndrome.  So make sure you drink your 8 glasses each day!

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But okay, maybe you want something a bit more sophisticated than water.  Here are some more sciatica home remedies.

Eating Garlic can help with sciatica. Garlic, when eaten with other B-complex vitamin is an excellent way to ease aches, improve circulation, boost your anti-oxidants, and help your body generally feel warmer (which will help relax tense muscles that may be the cause of your sciatica).  Great sources of B vitamins include spinach, beans, bananas, and green peas.

Please note, that taking garlic if you are on any sort of heart medication may have negative effects on you.  Consult a doctor for best advice.

Additionally, eating herbs can help ease sciatica. Herbs such as Saint John’s Wort, Evening Primrose, Willow Bark, Saw Palmetto, and Grape Seed Extract have been known to reduce inflammation.  This of course will reduce the pressure on your sciatic nerve, and it can reduce or even eliminate your pain.

You can either take these orally, or you may want to try massaging the affected area with an herbal oil made from one or many of the herbs listed above.

Also, you might want to try massaging yourself with wintergreen.  However, take note that you shouldn’t take wintergreen orally (and it’s also a good idea to make sure kids don’t get their hands on it either).

Applying cold and hot packs may also be an effective sciatica home remedy to ease your pain. Now, to begin with you’ll want to use exclusively cold packs.  This will help reduce the inflammation.

After about 3 to 5 days, switch to hot packs.  This will help relax any tense muscles and aid in improving blood circulation.  It is important to avoid using heat initially, since this may just aggravate the inflammation and actually make your sciatica worse.

If you’ve talked to a doctor, they’ve probably told you to rest.  However, in the long stretch, getting some good exercise is probably better for you. Now, you’ll want to start slowly so you don’t hurt yourself.  Maybe something simple like a few stretches for sciatica.

The exercise will help you improve circulation, loosen up your muscles, and strengthen weak abdominal and back muscles that may result in sciatica.  This is a great way to get rid of sciatica if it is caused a tight muscle irritating the sciatic nerve.

So, if you’re looking for some sciatica natural remedies to try out, give these a shot.  Like with anything else, though, they may take some time to become effective.  Most treatments will take a few weeks or even a month to take effect.

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