Highly Effective Home Massage for Sciatica Tips

massage for sciaticaSometimes sciatica can be caused by overused or strained muscles such as piriformis syndrome or other muscle imbalances.  In cases like these, you may find relief in massage for sciatica pain.  The cost of a professional massage can be off-putting to some people, let alone the fact that you may feel uncomfortable that the massage therapist may have to work on your buttocks area.  So, here are some useful tips that will help you with effective home massage.

If the thought of a stranger feeling you up makes you feel more tense than relaxed, perhaps you might be more comfortable having a friend or partner do the job for you.  The most important thing to keep in mind when having a partner give you a massage for sciatica is that communication is critical.

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Though pretty much any sort of pressure on a sore or tense muscle will help you, you should make sure that your partner knows if a certain area is overly sensitive and should be handled with more care.

The general technique your partner should use for massage for sciatica, is to apply firm pressure to a given area.  Try to use either a circular motion to help ease the tension in the muscles or move along the grain of the muscle to help work out any kinks.

Since massage for sciatica is aiming to lessen the stress on the sciatic nerve, have your partner begin working on and around the sacrum.  The sacrum is a triangular bone that is located between your hips along the lower spine.  Continue moving outward focusing on the hips, lower back, and buttocks to help loosen up any additional muscles near the sacrum.

If you don’t have a partner or friend to help you with massage, you can always use a self-massaging device to help you relax those lower back and buttocks muscles.  There are many electric massaging devices you can find at just about any electronic gadget store.  Also, another highly effective thing that

I’m seeing more of these days is a foam roller that you can place under your back or hips.  You simply roll your back along the roller and it will help loosen and relax your back muscles.

Either way, the goal here is to help loosen up the muscles so that more blood flow can reach them.  This allows more oxygen to reach these parts of your body and helps them remove toxins that may be stored there.  Sometimes sciatica can be caused by an inadequate amount of oxygen reaching the sciatic nerve or the surrounding muscles, so this alone can help ease your pain.

Use these tips on massage for sciatica pain.  Whether you are suffering from sciatica or you are helping out your partner who may be suffering from sciatica, remember to take things slow and maintain good communication so that additional injury isn’t incurred.  With a little patience and willingness to try something new, you can find relief from your sciatica.

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