7 Highly Effective Stretches for Sciatica Relief

stretches for sciaticaMany times the pain you experience from sciatica can be reduced or even eliminated with a few simple stretches depending on the underlying cause of the pain.  Here are a few stretches for sciatica that you can try out in the comfort of your home.  Most of these are based on simple yogic stretches, but you can easily modify them to stretch specific parts of the back or legs.

The first of the stretches for sciatica that I’d like to share with you is called the “cobra” pose in yoga.  To do this pose, you simply lie on your belly and then place your hands near your chest.  Slide upword and straighten your arms while keeping your legs on the floor.  This will stretch your lower back and help lengthen your spine, which will take pressure off your sciatic nerve.

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The next two stretches for sciatica are called the “cow” pose and the “cat” pose in yoga.  Start with the cow pose.  To do this one, get on your hands and knees.  Make sure your hands are placed directly below your shoulders and your knees are directly below your hips.  Allow your belly to hang and your hips to lift upward.

Then from here shift to the cat pose.  Arch your upper back and lower your chin toward your chest.  By slowly switching back and forth between cat and cow stretches for sciatica, you can start to loosen up your back and again take pressure off of your sciatic nerve.

Another one of the good stretches for sciatica is called the sacrum rock.  The sacrum is a triangular bit of bone where your spine joins with your hips.  To do the sacrum rock simply lie on your back on an uncarpeted floor.  If you do not have an uncarpeted floor, you can rest a thin book or other flat object under your sacrum.  Now bend your knees and touch them together.  Simply rock your legs back and forth to the left and the right.  This will help massage the sacrum area and it can alleviate sciatica pain.

You can also try a variation of the sacrum rock that may give you a more intense stretch.  Simply cross your right leg over your left leg and continue rocking the sacrum back and forth again as in the original sacrum rock stretch.  Then proceed to switch legs.  It is important to stretch both sides of the body to help balance the muscles and spread stress evenly.

Here is the final of the stretches for sciatica that I’d like to share with you.  This one is a little difficult to describe in writing, but I’ll do my best.  To do this one lie on your back with your feet together and your knees bent.  Then pull your right knee toward your chest gripping the back of your thigh.  Extend your left leg so that it is straight and then slowly lift it up from the ground about 3 inches.  Then move it to the side about 2 feet or so.  Hold this for a minute or two and then slowly lower your legs back to the floor and repeat on the opposite side.

Try out these stretches for sciatica if you’re experiencing pain in your lower back, hips, buttocks, or leg.  Go slow and keep doing these stretches for a few weeks at least.  You should see a noticeable improvement if you do them every day for at least a month.

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